All art should have an official paper issued by N. Otherwise it is not official. All art must be paid for while accompanying taxes. You are either selling it or keeping it for yourself. If you are selling it in a private sale it still must be accompanied with taxes. Otherwise it's not official. 

In the official paper it includes, code number, valuation, asking price, private or not private, taxes that were paid, name of buyer, name of seller, name distributor and many other aspects. You can not replicate as I have a second copy with me. 

I have made prices for a set of artwork. I am not changing this. I understand these prices are far lower than the valuation I'm completely logical in stating that these second set of prices are based on the demographics of my city. 

What an average person could pay. If you sell it for a larger price. You still have to pay taxes. I have to note this and it submit it to the government. That's the law. 

I understand some people were manipulating the artists circumstances to gain art. She never sold she only gave based on how she felt about a person. I understand people might want to keep these art for themselves. That's ok. They are allowed to be private about this. The minute they decide to sell it needs to be recorded and recorded of who is buying it. That needs another official paper of acknowledgement of sale. 

If you have painting and you bought it illegally for some reason. Please simply contact me if you want to sell it and you want an official paper. Once you find a seller they will give me part of taxes to which I will pay to the government, the other part to you. So by theory you will still be paid but it must be legal, by the taxes. The new buyer will receive the official paper. The painting will be transferred to the buyer through documentation. All paintings in circulation are unofficial. So if you are buyer and see something that you like please inform them contact me.

I don't want to have this conversation again. 

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